product delevopment

With over 40 years of experience in the field of fruit and vegetables machland has established expertise in product development.

We want to recognize and fulfil consumer wishes early on, by responding quickly to the needs of the market.

Thus at machland product development is a theme that is close to our hearts. We perform ongoing consumer tastings, on the basis of which we can constantly develop our recipes to meet the taste of the general population.

Moreover we are constantly striving to fulfil the desire for clean -labelling (free of taste enhancers, dyes, etc.), and we are constantly developing our recipes in this area.
machland is particularly in the forefront in that regard, because as producers of private brands we have many years of experience in the entire development of specific customer products, and thus can ideally engage with customer needs.

We develop products to customer specifications, from the area of pickled preserves to fruit mixtures.
We would especially like to highlight our product developments in recent times. Especially in focus are apples and fruits. For example there are fruit mixtures with an applesauce base, such as applesauce with strawberry and banana puree. But we also develop other mixtures without applesauce.

The product development variety in this area ranges from *:

  • Different fruits, from domestic to exotic
  • Fruit and vegetable blends
  • Fruit mixes with nuts
  • Pulpy puree – high quality fruit puree
  • And much more.

* Naturally everything is possible in organic from

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