facts & figures

a brief overview of the ground, production capacities, raw materials and employees

The machland grounds comprise a surface area of approximately 45,000 m², of which 36,000 m² is built environment.

Our staff consists of approximately 120 employees, and during season staff increases to approx. 150 employees.

Storage capacity is comprised of approximately 32,000 pallets.

We process a total of approximately 18,000 tons of raw materials, including among other things approx. 5,000 tons of sauerkraut, approx. 2,000 tons of cucumbers, 4,000 tons of apples (mainly golden delicious), 1,000 tons of red cabbage, 800 tons of hot peppers and 1.000 tons of sweetcorn.
We have a production capacity of:

  • 20.000 jars per hour
  • 350.000 jars per day
  • 270.000 squeeze pouches per day
  • 130.000 kraut - pouches per day
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