an expedition through machland's (successful) history

a success story

machland gmbh was founded in the year 1970 by Mr Karl Hois of Enns, and in 1972 production began in Naarn.

1990 Efko bought machland gmbh from the founder. Already in the year 1995 certification was received in accordance with the international ISO 9002 quality standard, and then followed ongoing enhancements to storage and production capacities.
After the severe flooding in 2002 in the Machland region, in 2004 new construction went ahead, both of the personnel offices and of the production halls.
Certification in accordance with the International Food Standard IFS also took place in 2004, making it the first Austrian company in the industry to receive it, and the test score was passed with the "high level" grade, the highest level.

The new and latest machland CI "einfachgut" or "justfine" was also developed in 2004. Subsequently structural changes were carried out, such as extensions to the wastewater treatment plant in 2007, and reconstruction of the storage facility in 2008.
The recent past has been marked by technical enhancements, such as the installation of two foreign body x-ray detectors in 2009/10, a combined heat and power system for gas powered electricity and steam generation in 2010 (more on this below under sustainability) as well as commissioning of the filling lines for flexible packaging in the years 2011, 2014, 2015 and 2019.

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