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our mission statement

  • the efko group is a team of forward thinking companies.
  • The customer is the focus - quality determines our actions
  • "Togetherness" is important to us - together we are stronger.
  • we are a reliable partner - our success will secure jobs


  • Together we are stronger! The Efko Group is a consortium of independent companies with decades of success operating in the market.
  • This consortium gives individual companies the security they need for continuous development.
  • We have proved that we were successful in the past. We share these experiences and use them for the future. Success secures our jobs.
  • The Group guarantees the independence and freedom of choice of the individual companies, while taking into consideration the Group's well-being and compliance with defined parameters.
  • We see ourselves as THE expert contact for the processing and marketing of fruit and vegetables in Central Europe, and we back up these skills through ongoing research and development.
  • In all enterprises we are a reliable partner for regional suppliers.
  • Due to a variety of brands, products and services, we meet the needs of customers.


  • Our mission is to fulfil the wishes and requirements of our customers with optimal and sustained revenue.
  • Due to high quality and tasty products we contribute to a healthy diet.
  • We guarantee high product safety by selected suppliers, high standards of production and precise controls.
  • Due to presence in international markets, we continue to be a partner for the food trade.


  • We focus all our activities on the needs of the market (i.e., our partners in the food trade and consumers).
  • High quality standards characterize our product and service offerings.
  • Cooperation is important. "Respectful dealings, honesty, openness, fairness and friendliness" are the foundation of our cooperation.
  • Through education and training we prepare ourselves for the challenges of the future.
  • We see readiness for change and innovation in management, employees and suppliers, as essential to achieving our goals.
  •  We place a high value on hygiene and cleanliness in all our operations.
  • We are committed to our company and accept responsibility for improvement. Change begins with each individual. We do not externalize problems, but solve them internally.
  • The suggestions of employees are taken seriously.
  • We provide information and take advantage of it, in addition, each employee has the right to get information that is important for him to know.
  • We learn from each other by mutual exchange of knowledge between firms. We pay attention to a balance of give and take. We willingly pass on information.

what's special about us

  • With our brands, we speak to different audiences and buyers.
  • The performance bonus for each employee is a recognition of his or her contribution to achieving the profit objective.
  • Investments in new technologies are not just about competitive advantage, but also about workload and safety.
  • Celebrations are part of our corporate culture.
  • We are a successful long-established company, which changes quickly and implements actions carefully, in a targeted manner.
  • We see our vision to be "the market leader in Central Europe" as a challenge and motivation.
  • Managers are mainly developed from within our own ranks
  • The independence of the operations allows for flat hierarchies and short decision paths.
  • The years-long company loyalty of many employees sets us apart.
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