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machland has been producing fruit and vegetable products for more than 40 years now. In the machland product world you will find everything from our classics to our innovative products.

fruit&go squeezer

Our machland fruit&go squeezer are fruity snacks for in between meals in a resealable flexible package. Apples with pear for just the right kick. Fruit Snack is a clean labelling product, i.e. it is free of lactose, gluten , preservatives , granulated sugar, dyes.

ingredientsÄpfel 75%, Birnen 15%, Traubensaftkonzentrat, Aroma.
What's Inside (100g)energy kJ332 (kJ)energy kcal76 (kcal)carbohydrate16,5 (g)protein0,4 (g)fat0,5 (g)